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2019-10-19 - 2:56 a.m.

Lately people have been approaching me with tales of Marijuana becoming recreational in Pennsylvania very soon, expecting me to be excited, and they couldn't be more wrong.
You see, I've never been one of those people reveling the world with fantastic fables about weed being the wonder drug that cures all of your diseases and ailments. It's just simply not true. People who tell you such things are of the same caliber as the ones who use the whole bit about doctors recommending a glass of wine with dinner to defend their alcoholism. Sure, some people have seizures and toking the ganja made them go away, but the other 98% of it's advocates just want to get fucked up. And there is nothing wrong with that in moderation, but how often does that happen?
People will tell you that it's the safest pain killer and how it could replace Opioids, but that's a very unrealistic pipe dream as well. I have two herniated discs and I promise you that refer does nothing to decrease that pain, and I really gave it the old college try attempting to make it work. It may take the heat off of a shoulder pain but some Advil will do that too.
What Marijuana does help with is PTSD and Anxiety. Granted it makes you extremely hypersensitive and triggers Manic Depression, but it helps a little. Cigarettes do about the same thing for anxiety also, but you'll never see anyone advocating that because inhaling smoke isn't good for anyone.
The real reason though that I'm strongly against the legalization of Cannabis for the common wealth is that these people are going to fuck it it up to levels of depravity unimaginable.
The end goal is a Utopian society where marijuana is legal on a federal level and completely decriminalized. So far we're heading in the right direction. As the nation monitors the results of state legalization in California and Colorado and sees the tax revenue, it's turning the campaign into something people are starting to get on board with. The minute Pennsylvania gets thrown into the mix though the whole thing is going to go right down the shitter and set the movement back decades.
The people here are just not normal. Maybe it's because they're all biker burnouts and derelict hippies breeding in an isolated woods, but their hillbilly mentality is dangerous. This area has been selling bongs and bowls, and filled with head shops, before the product was even medicinally legal ANYWHERE in the country. Back when you could go to jail for life for possessing grass these people were wearing drug rugs and tie dyes, listening to the Grateful Dead and Bob Marley, having black light posters everywhere, putting pot leaf stickers on their vans, and not giving one solid fuck about what anyone had to say. Can you even imagine how they would behave if they could legally do this?
Anytime I'm in traffic and another car approaches, you just see clouds of pot smoke wafting out of the widows. Anywhere you walk you can smell it on every corner. Tens of thousands of people got into "Vaping" just so they could blow dragons breath in front of the bars at night. The minute they can do it legally this place is going to resemble the most gratuitous Cheech and Chong movie, only way more ignorant.
Everyone here is home schooled, the place is a hub of juggalos, and it couldn't stand to get anymore stupid. On top of that it's brewing with criminals. It's like the wild west. You know how everyone talks about gentrification and how all of the dangerous black neighborhoods all got bought out by white people and cleaned up? Well this is where all of the displaced undesirable element migrated too. That's why on any given day we have no less than six active street gangs operating. We even got the MS-13.
So aside from all of the drug dealers who will get their toes stepped on and be forced to move the harder stuff to now make ends meet, you're going to have every one of your grows and dispensaries robbed on a religious basis. It's going to make this place even more of a crime infested nightmare.
So no, I'm not remotely enthusiastic about weed being legal in the Poconos.
Let's say I'm wrong though. Let's pretend that none of this happens and people handle it responsibly. Do you understand what a boost it would do to our already insufferable tourism industry. That's pretty much all this place is anymore and you can't keep New York and New Jersey the fuck out of it. On holidays you're stuck in your house because you can't move, because even though they built Casinos, resorts, attractions, shops, micro breweries, and wineries everywhere, they never once bothered to widen the fucking roads. Once you toss the devils lettuce into the mix this place will be packed tighter than a young boys ass in the Arch Diocese of Scranton.
Even worse though is the parasitic soul sucking agenda of Pennsylvania's lawmakers that will tax the ever loving fuck out of it so much that you won't even be able to afford a joint. I've seen the prices they're asking for medicinal out here and it's jaw dropping.
When ever I bring that topic up though people just jump to how they're going to grow it themselves, and then I really start laughing. I don't think any of you understand how difficult it actually is to grow weed. At least anything you would want to smoke. To think you could just pull that off in your mold covered basement is the most ridiculous concept I've ever heard of.
Trust me, if Marijuana becomes recreationally legal out here it's not going to be fun for anyone.

My name is Ritchie Gigliotti, and I endorse this message.



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