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2018-10-14 - 11:56 p.m.

October 10 at 1:46 AM ยท
So here is the chilling second part to the "You Shit On My House" saga.
So if you haven't read my post below with the photo of the Children of the Corn Kid threatening McDreamy, this won't make a lick of sense.

My front porch, which faces the road, is directly in front of the same geographical location of the back porch. The house itself is in between them. The porch is pretty long and when it's dark out my only light source is the light from the curtained kitchen window. So I can see thirty feet in front of me but it's still pretty dark. Now, at the one end of the porch you could stand there and see around the side of the house into the backyard, but only from that very edge. So I really have no idea what is going on over there on that side of the house. I wouldn't dream of going out on to the back porch in the night time either. That looks into the woods also and that shit creeps me the fuck out. Especially with the recent porch shitting incident.
Usually I just smoke in front of my front door and walk only half way down to the end of the porch. This is because a few nights ago, and I completely forgot about it until right now when the same fucking thing happened again, I walked to the edge and nearly shat on my OWN porch.
I walked to the edge, peaked around the the side into complete blackness and I hear a very close scream of an animal I've NEVER heard before and the sound of running back to the woods. You could honestly hear it thumping across the ground, it sounds to be at least one hundred pounds.
I ask you once again.
What fucking kind of animal could be doing this?
And why is the son of a bitch stalking me?
I harm no one. I'm trying to be a better person. And still, some screaming beast is defecating on my back walkway, and seeks vengeance on my neighbor's.
This is getting a little too spooky.
I know it's Halloween time and all, and I love the gloomy ghoul stuff, but I have to sleep here. I just left one Demonic energy possessed house, so I don't need to be living next to the god damn wolfman.
Am I going to be bitten by something?



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