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2019-03-22 - 1:57 p.m.

Everyone needs to stop polishing that old horseshit road apple of a chestnut that says that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a separate universe existing outside of Earth-616.
It's just something stupid people say to convince other people that they read comics when they actually don't, AND it supports their love of shitty films.
When Marvel started their whole destruction of cinema with their Iron Man movie, they had no idea that it was going to take off or if they were going to make another one.
They hadn't procured the rights to a huge portion of their material and that is the reason so many things are absent in the first ten years of the films they were making.
So fanboys like myself started mocking these shitty films, insulting the people with Asperger's that adored them, and then the internet started claiming bullshit about this being intentional.
Now, every time I have an honest criticism of the MCU's fuckery, some asshat chimes in with, "It's a different universe and that's why it doesn't follow the comic."
It doesn't follow the comics because they fucked up, had legal issues, and now they're back pedaling.
Do you think that when George Lucas made Star Wars in 1977 he had any clue that he was going to make prequels? Fuck no! The movie starts out saying Episode 4 because it didn't make any sense and there was no time to compose a proper back story. All of that other shit was added on later to cover his tracks.
If the MCU is it's own universe outside of the comics they made that shit up way later.
Meanwhile I have to listen to people who've never turned the page of a comic telling me I'm wrong about my opinions.
So what Earth does the MCU take place in then? Is it one that Reed Richards and Molecule Man had to rebuild after the incursion of Earth-616 and the Ultimate Universe? Will their be crossover multiverse jumps using the Tallus? Tell me what other various Marvel Earth's you're aware of and which characters come from them?
Yeah, the fans of the MCU are the same people who saw a Bela Lugosi picture and then claim to have read Bram Stoker's Dracula.
I'm getting tired of this shit.
You don't read comics so stop lying about it.
In your lifetime did you ever have to sell drugs to get money to buy comics? Have you gone into comic shops and hid issues you were looking for until you got enough money to come back and buy them? Have you ever spent whole months driving from store to store looking for back issues? Do you use your library card to get Interlibrary loans to get trade paperbacks that your library doesn't carry? Did you ever go to Free Comic Book Day and actually spend money in the shop?
Fuck you people, you didn't and you wouldn't.
You're just fake nerds who've never done the time, paid the price, and you're a bunch of fucking poseurs as far as I'm concerned.
Go back to DC you fucking tourists.



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