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2018-08-16 - 3:53 p.m.

For the record, I live in the woods.
I'm talking no light pollution because I live so far into the middle of nowhere my address doesn't show up on a GPS.
There is absolutely nothing within five miles of my house, and even then, it's nothing.
So why would a mother fucker be walking through my back yard and up to my porch at 9:30 pm?
The porch I was smoking a cigarette on in the dark.
He said, "Need to ask you a favor.."
To which I said, "You need to get the fuck out of her real quick."
"But, I.. I was just."
"Dude, you're freaking me the fuck out and you need to turn around and get moving right now."
As he quickly turned to walk away he said, "You have a good night."
Oh really?
Was the moment I was suppose to have a change of heart and see that you are in some sort of trouble.?
I just said, "Yeah, yeah, you better get moving" as I opened the door to my house and told my mother, "Get me my pistol, we got some asshole out here."
I don't care what in the fuck happened to you. Don't come to my fucking house or you will get shot.
No fucking around.
Where was his car? Why was he here?
I can't think of one good reason for that cocksucker to be anywhere near this road on foot.
So I hopped in the Rav4 and went out looking for the son of a bitch.
I couldn't find him and there wasn't a disabled vehicle anywhere to be seen.
Maybe he broke into someone else's house.
Tell you what though, I'm going to be sitting on my back porch Archie Andrews style only holding something better than a baseball bat just in case he comes back.
Who in the fuck does that shit?
I bet he wanted a fucking cigarette!



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