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2019-09-09 - 3:37 a.m.

As someone with a shellfish allergy I don't eat lobster and was never remotely curious as to how it tasted, because I've accepted my condition. There may very well be a synthetic product that has the flavor of lobster without actually being lobster but I couldn't care less. I don't eat lobster, end of story.
This is why I think the "Impossible Whopper" is fucking stupid.
If you don't eat meat, then just don't eat it.
For that matter, why would you go out of your way to frequent a place that sells meat? Are you trying to keep the corporate meat slinging giant in business? Because that's all that this advertising campaign is for anyway. That prick with the red beard and the crown isn't trying to save the planet.
No one eats at Burger King and they are willing to put any crazy shit, no matter how gross it is, on their menu to stay afloat. This is why they've been schlepping hot dogs, tacos, and macaroni
& cheese deep fried in Cheetos dust. They're desperate to get literally anyone inside those doors.
Think about out it, if you're on the east coast and need a burger, where do you go fast food wise? If you want chemically manufactured garbage you go to McDonald's. If you're want to lie to yourself and pretend you're eating healthy you go to Wendy's. If you want to do some spring cleaning on your colon and feel like riding the porcelain scooter all night you go to White Castle. Where does Burger King fit in?
All of their food tastes heavily burned. Also, I don't trust a place that has milkshakes but no other ice cream products? That's fucking suspect right there. Still though, why would a vegetarian even enter a Burger King in the first place?
I'm not a cannibal. Therefore I wouldn't give my business to a restaurant that serves human flesh. Even if they DID boast having a "Plant Based" item on the menu. I would be concerned that a little bit of man meat would accidentally slip into my entree. I mean honestly, can you comprehend the level of incompetence involved in the fast food industry? It's nothing but high school nose pickers getting paid minimum wage, why would they care about your dietary issues?
When I was employed at "The King" we had kids that would not only spit in the food but rip out their own pubic hairs to garnish your meal. There was this morbidly obese kid there who would stuff burgers down his drawers to eat privately in the bathroom. We're not talking about a high quality of moral content.
I'm guessing about twenty-five percent of these vegan burgers being consumed are just regular beef patties. If I were a vegetarian I wouldn't take the risk. I would just go pick up some morning star and enjoy them in my home as opposed to watching the dregs of society and their screaming flabby children shovel grease into their face in a public setting.
Also, not to be the bearer of bad news, but they cook these impostor patties on the same grill they'e been cooking meat on all day. So you're still digesting murder anyway you self righteous grand stander. Look were your ethics got you, in the same shitty hole as the rest of us.



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